5 Reasons You Should Make Math Worksheets


Have you ever wanted to make math worksheets? Or make any math resource for that matter? This post will tell you why you should start making your own math resources TODAY!

Why Should I Make Math Worksheets?

My first year teaching, I struggled to find resources that fit the needs of my students. First, I had no textbooks and very limited resources.

In addition, I would spend hours looking for resources online, copying and pasting resources together, and working through problems to make sure they were right for my students.

I got burnt out pretty quickly. That’s when I decided to make my own resources. After some research, I discovered I could make all of my resources using programs I already had on my computer!

If you want to get started making your own math resources, get my free cheat sheet here!

Once I had created and implemented 100% of my own classroom resources, I noticed some amazing things were happening! I noticed huge improvements my students’ learning. Also, I was way less stressed!

I even opened my own Teachers Pay Teachers Store and started selling my resources online! Read my post about opening my own TpT store here. 

1. Save Time

When I started making my own resources, I started saving time!

Now, you may be thinking that making your own resources sounds time-consuming. And it was at first. But once I got the hang of it, I could make a resource in no time!

No longer did I have to spend time searching on the Internet, using Wite-Out for those problems that didn’t fit my needs, copying and pasting multiple resources together, etc.

I didn’t realize how much time I was spending on finding resources until I started creating my own. Once I had made one type of resource (guided notes, for example), I could use the same formatting for another topic. So much easier! I streamlined the process, and had created 100% of my own resources (notes, worksheets, activities, games, assessments, classroom posters) within a couple of years.

2. Save Money


Any other teachers out there guilty of spending their paycheck on school supplies and Teachers Pay Teachers resources? That was me!

I would buy all kinds of resources online! And don’t get me wrong–they were good resources. I even sell my resources on Teachers Pay Teachers. However, they never fit my exact needs.

I would always have to spend time changing problems or telling my students “skip #4!” because we hadn’t gone over that.

When I started making my own resources, I saved that money. (I was still buying school supplies, but that’s just the life of a teacher!)

3. Reduce Stress

My first couple of years as a teacher were STRESSFUL. I was trying to juggle classroom management, differentiation, faculty meetings, parent communication, etc. AND I was trying to find resources that fit my needs!

Most of the time, I felt like I was barely keeping my head above water. Every week, I spent countless hours getting ready for the next week by searching for resources, changing them to fit my needs, and deciding how to implement them.

When I learned how to make math worksheets, I knew exactly what I was using for the next week. I also knew they fit my students needs. One less thing off my plate=way less stress!

4. Improve Student Learning


This is one of my favorite reasons to make math worksheets on your own!

When I started creating my own resources, I noticed something that shocked me: my students were learning more AND performing better on standardized tests!

I didn’t think my resources were all that great, but for some reason they were working. Then it hit me: I know my students better than anyone! No textbook company or teacher from another school knows my students like I do.

I know where they are going to struggle, where they need more review, etc. Of course, those needs change a little from year to year. However, since my resources were already made, it was easy for me to quickly edit them for different classes.

I created a complete standards-based curriculum that was finally organized in the same way that I wanted to teach it. The sequence and scope were exactly what my students needed because I created it!

5. Make Money

This reason may be the most exciting! When I started creating my own resources, I never thought about selling them online. Then, a coworker started selling her resources on Teachers Pay Teachers and was having some success.

I thought to myself, I could do that! So I started making my resources look a little more “professional” and opened my Teachers Pay Teachers store. You can check my store out here.

You may never want to sell your resources online. But it’s nice to know you have the option!

If you’re ready to start making your own math resources, get my free cheat sheet now!

Are you ready to make your own resources, but now sure where to start? Head to

LindsayBowden.com/Training to sign up for my FREE training on creating engaging math resources.

Comment below and tell me all about making your own resources!



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