Quadratic Transformations Digital Task Cards

This is the digital version of my Quadratic Transformations Task Cards for Google Drive™ using Google Forms. You are able to edit this assignment using Google Forms and assign it to your students via Google Classroom. You must have a free Google account to access the document. When you purchase, you will receive a PDF containing the link to this file. You will also receive teacher instructions. This activity is self-grading! Students must round correctly to get the answer right. These quadratic transformations task cards cover transformation quadratic functions in vertex form.
Problems include:
  • Identify the vertex and axis of symmetry when written in vertex form
  • Describe the transformations in words given a graph or equation
  • Write the equation in vertex form given the graph
Transformations include: vertical stretch/shrink, horizontal and vertical shifts, reflections over the x-axis.
Terms of Use: This product should only be used by the teacher who purchased it. This product is not to be shaded with other teachers. Please buy the correct number of licenses if this is to be used by more than one teacher. 
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