Probability Unit

*Note: This unit is best suited for on-level or lower-level/special education math classes. Supplements will most likely be needed for an honors or upper-level math class.


Products Included:

*Probability Notes (Includes all guided notes with keys for entire unit as well as practice worksheets!)

*Set Theory Scavenger Hunt

*Probability Stations

*Compound Probability Task Cards

*Conditional Probability Task Cards

*Probability Study Guide and Test

*Set Theory Poster

*Permutations and Combinations Notes & Worksheets *NOTE: the pacing guide, activities, study guide, and test do not include permutations and combinations because they are not part of the probability unit in geometry for many states. However, the study guide and test are EDITABLE, so feel free to add permutation & combination questions!

You will also receive a pacing guide and teacher tips!

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