Probability Stations

These probability stations are a great way for students to review the compound and conditional probability standards!


The stations include:

  • Station 1: Set theory (sample space, union, intersection, complement, Venn diagrams)
  • Station 2: Outcomes and probability (finding probability from coins, dice; finding number outcomes from tree diagrams and fundamental counting principle)
  • Station 3: Compound probability (problems using addition and multiplication rules, frequency tables, deck of cards, independent/dependent events, mutually exclusive/overlapping events)
  • Station 4: Conditional probability (A given B, B given A, frequency tables)


Students must know characteristics about a deck of cards (I usually display a picture of a deck of cards on my Smart Board while they complete these stations.)


Answer keys for each station are included! There is also a student answer sheet!


Check out my YouTube video on stations here!




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