Permutations and Combinations Notes and Worksheets

These permutations and combinations guided notes cover:
  • intro to permutations, combinations, and factorials
  • intro to finding permutations (with and without repetition)
  • intro to finding combinations (with and without repetition)
  • 2 practice worksheets with permutations and combinations
**NOTE: This does not include finding compound probabilities with permutations/combinations. It only covers finding the number of outcomes using permutations and combinations.
I included two versions of the combination notes to best fit your needs.
Version 1: Shows the formula for combinations with and without repetition
Version 2: Shows the formula for combination without repetition and an example of combination with repetition where students can list out the outcomes.
I did this because many teachers do not teach the formula for combinations with repetition (the formula is pretty complicated).
Terms of Use:
This product should only be used by the teacher who purchased it. This product is not to be shared with other teachers. Please buy the correct number of licenses if this is to be used by more than one teacher.
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