Congruent & Similar Triangles Unit (Geometry Unit 4)

This is a complete congruent and similar triangles unit for Geometry. This is the 4th unit in my Geometry curriculum.

*Note: This unit is best suited for on-level or lower-level/special education math classes. Supplements will most likely be needed for an honors or upper-level math class.

*Update: Video links are now included for each set of notes!*


Topics include:

  • congruent triangle shortcuts (SSS, SAS, ASA, AAS, HL)
  • congruent triangle proofs (with and without CPCTC)
  • congruent triangle measures with algebra
  • similar triangle shortcuts (SSS, SAS, AA)
  • using proportions to solve for sides
  • triangle proportionality theorem
  • triangle midsegment theorem
  • similar triangle application problems
  • similar triangle proofs


Products include:


Terms of Use:

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