Circles Notes and Worksheets

These circle notes and worksheets include:

  • parts of a circle
  • circle angles
  • circle lines and segments
  • arc length and sector area


I separate these notes into two packets for my students:


Packet 1:

*all circles are similar (1 pg. notes)

*parts of a circle (center, radius, chord, diameter, secant, tangent, point of tangency, arc, sector) (1 pg. notes, 2 wksts)

*angles: central, inscribed, vertex inside, vertex outside (2 pgs. notes, 5 wksts)


Packet 2:

*tangent properties (tangent and radius are perpendicular & two tangent segments that meet outside the circle are congruent–examples with segments AND angles!) (2 pg. notes, 1 wkst)

*segment pieces properties (two chords, two secants, tangent and secant) (1 pg. notes, 2 wksts)


*20+ pages in all + all answer keys included!


Terms of Use:

This product should only be used by the teacher who purchased it. This product is not to be shared with other teachers. Please buy the correct number of licenses if this is to be used by more than one teacher.

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